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Guide to Your Ideal Lash Extensions

Be it Anne Hathaway’s Mia Thermopolis in Princess Diaries or Sandra Bullock’s Gracie Hart in Miss Congeniality, movie characters undergoing a complete transformation through makeovers have always been a hit with the audience and have left all of us wanting to have our very own Cinderella moment!

While the odds of you being announced a princess or a beauty queen tomorrow are on the lower end of the possibility chart, there’s nothing stopping you from getting a dreamy makeover! 

Eyelash Extensions: A Quick Upgrade to Your Look!

If you are looking to make a substantial upgrade in your appearance, eyelash extensions might be something to consider. 

Eyelashes are an often overlooked yet critical part of your overall appearance. A simple lash extension or lift can do wonders when it comes to enhancing your look and give you that effortless, oh-so-gorgeous vibe. 

Best Types of Eyelash Extensions

LAshX has compiled some of the best-liked eyelash extension types in this quick guide to help you find the right match for you. 

What are the different types of eyelash extensions?

Did you know eyelash extensions come in different materials and each one has advantages and disadvantages. Here are the lash extension materials explained to help you choose the right one for you! 

Do people really use real Mink lashes? 

We get tons of questions about the different types of lashes and people are confused when they hear about Mink Lashes. You might be surprised to know that really very few lash extension professionals use real mink in their eyelash extension services. Despite what some salons may market or charge, 99.9% of salons are actually using faux mink. When lash professionals call these extensions "Mink Lashes", we're usually talking about faux fur. There are some people who do attempt to use real mink (or other animal furs that they call mink), however, there are many reasons I suggest avoiding these options.

There are a few reasons why we, at LAshX / Makeup Mandy, don't choose to use "real fur" lashes in our lash extension services:

- Animal cruelty - even though some people claim there are animals hurt in the process of obtaining fur for eyelash extensions, we just do not agree with the idea of this. 

- Increased risk of allergy - Many people have fur allergies 

- They look messy - These lashes are too soft and they just don't hold their shape

- They do not last - fur tends to pick up oils.So in summary, real fur is more likely to cause allergies and the overall result is a messy, messy look because they are so soft that they do not hold a shape for very long. So as you can see there are many reasons why real fur is  not ideal for lash extensions. Some people will get real mink for the strip lashes and those hold their shape a little bit better. 

Faux Mink Lashes

Most companies that are marking mink lashes are indeed faux fur. But not all faux fur is created equal. LAshX Lashes are a patented lash different from regular faux mink. Regular faux minks tend to feel a bit dry and brittle. They are coated in something that makes them look matte and helps the lash to hold its shape so it tends to feel light but a bit pokey at the base. They do not last as long because of the way they are made they pop off easier because the lash does not absorb any of the adhesive binding it to the natural lashes. They can actually be both dark or light in color depending on how they are manufactured. They are lighter in general than synthetic or silk lashes. 

SO..What are LAshX Mink LAshes(R) made out of? 

Since we are a cruelty free company, we actually manufacture a patented lash that we call the LAshX Mink Lashes.  These are made of a nylon polymer. If you think about the way pantyhose are porous, and have a weave that's flexible and strong then you will be picturing our lashes on a microscopic level.

So when we put our flexible than adhesive on it meshes with our lash and creates what we call our Flexihold technology. This allows the extension to move with the natural hair without putting torque or tension on the hair follicle and causing damage. So it's healthier and it will last longer on the hair than on the natural lash. And the client won't feel any poke or uncomfort discomfort because there's nothing hard at the base.

LAshX Mink LAshes(R)

- Last longer - the flexible adhesive and mesh of these lashes create a flexible hold allowing them to last longer. Even if you sleep on your face they are just going to move with the natural lash.

- Feel more comfortable - This same light flexible lash will not poke or pull. They move with the natural lashes so you should never feel them. 

- Are healthier on the natural lashes - Soft, light, flexible lashes that move with your hair are going to prevent pulling or tugging on the lash follicle, protecting the natural lash. 

- Look more real - The texture is dark and has a natural luster. Not shiny or matte so the hair looks real, dark and lush. You will not get a plastic shine or appearance like with other lash materials. 


What about other types or lash extensions? 

Synthetic Lashes - Other types of lashes include the original synthetic lash, which is made of a polyester polymer, so it's  shinier, and thicker and pokier. These types of lashes are not porous so do not hold as long on the hair. They appear more fake because they are shiny and look more like plastic. They have a thick base that tends to poke and pull at the base when you press on them. This can lead to breakage and damage as they do not bend or move with the natural hair. 

Silk Lashes - There's also what are called Silk lashes and those also tend to be pretty shiny, and just don't look as natural. Silk lashes are more flexible than Synthetic. Silks which are more transparent so they appear less dark and can look more fake. Many colored lashes are made out of silk because the texture takes the color better.  Silk tend to last better than some faux fur and polyester lashes but can look faker.  

I hope this quick video helps shed the light on the different types of lashes out there. If you guys have questions, go ahead and comment or message below and we'll talk to you soon

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