Body Treatments

Lymphatic Drainage Body Massage Treatment. this gentle massage feels like a hug from a cloud and helps the body detox and lose water weight.  Clinical tests show loss of 2 dress sizes after 6 weeks or 3 treatments a week. Other benefits include reduction in cellulite, reduction in inflammation, muscle recovery, and detoxification.*


45 Minute session Upper or Lower Body: $125.00

Lash and Lean: $99.00

Ballance & Brighten:

$125.00 single session,  or $1250 for 12

Enjoy a Ballancer treatment session while soaking in the benefits of the LightStim® LED Therapy Treatment Panels. LED benefits include, reduction in lines and wrinkles, brightening of the skin, reduction in inflammation, healing, reduction of bruising and better sleep.


Red Carpet Treatment: 12 sessions for $999.00

Add a Ballancer treatment to any service for just $99. *Ballancer results are best experienced with regular treatments of three