Pre and Post Workout Skin Care | Best Skin Practices to Prevent Gym Skin

Feb 03, 2022 Mandy Jacobellis

Whether you are an athlete or an occasion hot yoga-goer having the proper practices for caring for you skin, pre and post workout can prevent break-outs and keep your skin clean, clear and hydrated.  Here are my top tips to keeping your skin as fit as your body. 

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5 Reasons to wear Mascara with Eyelash Extensions

Jan 06, 2022 Mandy Jacobellis

Mascara has traditionally been a no no for eyelash extension wearers. Here Mandy explains the benefits of wearing mascara with eyelash extensions! Make sure if you try this trick you choose an OIL and Glycol free product!     

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What is Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening?

Jan 27, 2021 Mandy Jacobellis

Fibroblast Plasma Skin tightening is a new cosmetic treatment that is non invasive and provides lasting results (1-3 years). This is an FDA approved service with the FDA approved pen.  The pen creates little sparks of energy. These sparks evaporate tiny superficial bits of skin to stimulate collagen production. As the skin heals a tightening results.

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Beauty Haul Clean Out: Quarantine Edition

Apr 28, 2020 Mandy Jacobellis

Spring cleaning is more fun when you are not allowed to do anything else. Some states are letting people open back up businesses etc. but for those of us who are still on lockdown, and looking to be productive, I have the perfect project for you: Quarantine Beauty Haul Cleanout!  Why not clean out your beauty stash! Here is a helpful guide of when to toss those beauty products!  Studies show 70% of women are using contaminated products. Yuck!  Step 1. Take all of your products out. For me this is several spots. Empty your clutch, vanity, travel bags  so that you can assess what you have and put only the good products back. You may find your favorite lipstick was hidden away and that you have 27 of the same blushes.

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Quarantine Beauty: 9 Professional Beauty Services You Can Do at Home

Apr 17, 2020 Mandy Jacobellis

As our quarantine time extends the need for beauty help is getting more and more real. How do we look and feel good, and just maintain basic hygiene when we can't leave our homes? Here are some tips and at home alternatives to all of your favorite beauty services. Let's use this time as a beauty boot camp. Here are 9 services you can do for yourself today to look and feel like yourself again! 

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How To Remove Your Own Lash Extensions During Quarantine

Apr 09, 2020 Mandy Jacobellis

Learn how to remove your own eyelash extensions, the way professionals do. You DO NOT want to use coconut oil! Here is how the pros do it and you can do it the same at home to prevent lash damage.  Normally when people ask me how to remove their own lash extensions I explain how they should NEVER take their own lashes off because in most cases people get impatient and end up ripping off their own eyelashes in the process. As this quarantine goes on, however I understand that some of us just won't be able to keep blending those left over lashes. So here are the instructions on how to professionally remove them.

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Quarantine Style - 4 Fashion Tips for What to Wear Now

Mar 30, 2020 Mandy Jacobellis

Some fashion tips from Celeb Stylist Robin Saperstein on Quarantine Style! What to wear for Covid-19

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What is Brow Lamination and Why You Need One I Brow Lamination Life Changer

Dec 13, 2019 Mandy Jacobellis

 have been in the beauty industry ...well for a long time. I started working in beauty at the age of 15. It is so rare when a new beauty service comes about that is really truly great.  I never fully jumped on the microblading bandwagon because I have a fear of commitment and pain. Brow lamination however has rocked my world. It is such a simple service, no pain, no down time.  It lasts 3 months, which is long enough to be low maintenance but not so long that you can never change your look. Best of you will wake up looking so groomed and put together. BOOK A BROW LAMINATION AT MAKEUP MANDY BEVERLY HILLS  BOOK A BROW LAMINATION WITH A LASHX PRO IN YOUR CITY 

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Heated Lash Curlers - A MUST - With and Without Eyelash Extensions

Oct 30, 2019 Mandy Jacobellis

Do you own a heated lash curler? Unless you have a perfect curl to your lashes, a heated lash curler could be the game changer for you!  Whether you wear lash extensions or not the heated lash curler can open your eyes and lift your face, even make lash extensions look good longer.  What is it. A small tool that hold a AAA batter in the back. Turn it on and there is a coil inside the comb end that gets warm. Essentially that heat is used like a curling iron is used for the hair to curl or straighen eyelashes.  I prefers the heated lash curler to other traditional lash curlers because it has no risk of pulling, crimping or breaking off lashes.  Similar to curling your hair, you can use this tool to curl straight or dropping lashes by lifting from below the lash line. You can also straighten unruly very curly lashes by slowly brusing the the top side of the lashes slowly down to relax the curl. If you do wear lash extensions its safe to use. The heated lash curler is benefitial to help lift lashes and extensions as they grow out -for example when you are traveling or when you can't get in for a fill! 

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Oct 15, 2019 Mandy Jacobellis

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How To Maintain Lash Extensions with An Active Lifestyle

Sep 05, 2019 Mandy Jacobellis

An Active lifestyle doesn’t have to mean more lash maintenance.  Working out keeps me feeling sane. I have been addicted to cycling lately and I also dable in barre method and yoga. So I understand the real struggle of wanting to get a good workout on but being afraid of loosing your lash extensions quicker.   There are steps you can take to eliminate the very real fear of sweating and ruining your lashes.

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Choosing the Right Lash Extension Cleanser

Sep 04, 2019 Mandy Jacobellis

By now hopefully everyone knows how important cleaning your eyelash extensions is. Cleaning your lashes regularly not only improves the lash health, prevents eye infections and mites, but also can make your lash extensions last longer.

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