How To Properly Clean Lash Extensions

How To Properly Clean Lash Extensions

3 Easy Steps to long lasting, clean, healthy lash extensions! 

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Lash Extensions

We all know cleaning oils and bacteria off of our eyelash extensions can help them to last weeks longer, yet so many people are afraid just the opposite will happen. Every day I have lash clients tell me that they are afraid to clean their lashes, or that they feel cleaning the lashes actually makes the extensions fall off sooner. 

Like anything, confidence is key. I will in detail show you the three easy steps to maintain and clean your lash extensions. You will see that not only do they last weeks longer, they will feel softer, less itchy, and more comfortable overall. Cleaning is so important because our lashes can get bacteria, and even mites if we do not take care of them. It won't matter if your mega volume lashes are on point if you have a stye or eye infection! 

Oil is the enemy of lash extensions because it causes the adhesive to soften and clump up. So keeping natural oils from lids and fingers at bay is just as important as using oil free products near the eye area. 

Healthy Lashes Are Indeed Beautiful Lashes 

 Step 1. Choose the right cleanser

Make sure your lash cleanser and makeup remover is oil and glycol free. These two ingredients will without a doubt mess with your lash extensions.  Even if something states "oil Free" look at the ingredients.

 Baby shampoo is NOT lash extension safe. I am not sure where that rumor got started. I think because its called baby shampoo people naturally will assume its gentle. Unfortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth. Without me going on a tangent about ingredients just know that traditional baby shampoo has numbing agents, carcinogens, phalates, formaldehyde, and many other terrible ingredients. The reason I developed the LAshX Lash Cleanse was because I had trouble finding any product out there that was truly lash extension safe and good for the lashes and skin. 

If you do choose LAshX Lash Cleanse, the aloe is a natural antiseptic, and we add biotin and panthenol for lash health as well as silk extract and chamomile, it is free of parabens, sulfates and surfactants so when you use it it will not lather, it will emulsify. 


Step 2. Cleanse

Start with clean hands. Pump one squeeze of your cleanser onto the EndureLash Organic Cotton Makeup Remover Cloth.  This cloth is silky and will glide over the lash extensions without leaving any lint or fibers. It will not pull or tug on your delicate lash extensions.  Use the cloth with cleanser to clean the entire eye area.  If you do not have or want to purchase special cloths you could also use your finger tips for this part but make sure you do a thorough job at cleaning.  

 LAshX Cleanse

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Here is the video on the drying cloths below.

Step 3. Rinse and Pat Dry

Do rinse the lash cleanser off with water to re-balance your lash PH. Once all of the cleanser and makeup is removed you will use your Endure Lash towel to gently remove water and dry the lashes instantly. I like to wipe them in an upward motion that will separate them and make them dry fluffy. Love this towel for in the gym bag too.

If you don't have this special towel you can gently pat dry with a regular towel just be careful not to pull because the lashes can sometimes get caught on towel. Just do a gently pat in this case, or use a blow of the hair dryer on a cool setting. Remember to brush an fluff the lashes after if you do not use the Endure Lash towel. 

That is all there is to it. If you choose to wash your lashes in the shower use a lash safe cleanser for your entire face to ensure no oil or glycol get on the lashes. Make sure to rinse your hair backwards to avoid getting shampoo or conditioner on the lashes. 

Endure Lash x LAshX Cleansing Kit

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This procedure should be done at home, as often as you like, but at least three times a week, even if you do not wear makeup.  You should also clean your lashes in this manner before you get your touchups or fills done because the lashes will bond better to a clean lash. If you have oils on your lashes, even from touching them on your way into the salon it can effect how long your lashes will last for you! 

OH to clean your lash cloths use the little laundry bag they come in and pop them in the washing machine with your darks! 

You can also check out my article on after care for the lashes in general called

Lash extension care after you leave the chair

. Besides cleaning them there are certain dos and dont's! 

Did this article help you feel more confident cleaning? How long can you go between fills? Comment below we love to hear if this was helpful or you have any other questions! 

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