Makeup Mandy 2022 Black Friday Specials!

Makeup Mandy 2022 Black Friday Specials!

MM Black Friday Sale

A big thank you to all of our lovely clients and friends. To show our appreciation here are the best deals of the year. They are available until 11/29/22. 



Black Friday Deals:

Recieve Three Transform Peels (usually $350 each) and a $200 Skin Care Management System  for $999

The Jan Marini Refine Peel is a highly concentrated set of acids that resurface the skin to reveal soft, smooth, even skin tone. These are agressive treatments and have 3-5 days of light peeling post proceedure. This peel gives radical results with one treatment.  Too intense? Ask Mandy about series of peels with no down time. 

Fibroblas Plasma Skin Tightening 
Buy one area, Get one 1/2 off

Firbroblast Plasma Skin Tightening is an aesthetic treatment utilizing a technology of evaporating tiny dots of superficial skin, causing micro damage and thus stimulating collagen production, growth hormone and cellular turnover. As the skin heals there is a thightening and lifting effect that happens. Check out our before and afters. This service had 3-5 days of downtime on average. It is not for all skin types so please check with Mandy to ensure you are a good candidate. Clients who hyperpigment or Keloid are not good candidates for these types of proceedures. 


A Year's Worth Of lash extensions for $999! 
8 Lash touchups and a free Proliner lash treatment ($120 value) for $999

Proliner lashes

Save save save with this year's Lash Package. Once a year we have a package this good! Recieve 8 fills or touch ups of any style lash extension and a full size LAshX ProLiner  lash and brow serum for $999. Saving you $721! This package typically will last clients a year. 


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Save money, lashes and boobs!

Save money, lashes and boobs!

What Is The Best Type of Eyelash Extension?

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2022 Holiday Gifting Guide from Makeup Mandy


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