LAshX® PRO/Line Treatment


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Triple Your Lash and Brow Growth in Just 3 Weeks, The Healthy way

Oil and Glycol free to be  truly lash extension safe. Formulated with our proprietary peptide blend, LAshX® Pro/Line Treatment strengthens and conditions existing lashes while stimulating new growth in a safe and natural way. LAshX® Pro/Line Treatment is a clear formula that can be used on lashes and brows.  Apply to your lash line once a day, morning or night, lashes and brows triple in three weeks of continued use or your money back!


Triple Peptide Blend Stimulates Growth and Retains Hair:

-Anchors hair with proteins at the root

-Stimulates Keratin production for a stronger longer hair

-Keeps each hair in the Anagen (Growth phase) 46% longer 

The PRO/Line Treatment not only triples clients' lash and brow growth, but also retains the hair by two weeks longer, extending the life of the eyelash and eyebrow extensions, and saving you money between fills. You will have more lashes with each and every touch-up.

Oil, glycol, paraben, sulfate and surfactant free

Color: Crystal (Clear)

Ingredients: Water, glycerin,propane door,acrylamidomethyl propane sulfonate copolymer, silica, myristoyl pentapeptide-17, octapeptide-2, sodium DNA, potassium glutathione isomerized linoleate bis-PEG-15 Methly Ester Dimethicone, glycine Sonja, stearic acid, stearly alcohol, glyceryl stearate, ammonium acryloylfimethyltaurate vp copolymer 1,2-hexanediol tropolone, hydrogenated lecithin, sodium ole ate, glycerin disodium EDTA phenoxyethanol caprylyl.

Oil, Glycol, Pareban, Sulfate, Surfactant Free!

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Product was shipped fast!

However I’m not sure yet. I just started using it. I have no eye irritation so that’s a plus!

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