The LAshX System

About LAshX  

The only extension system to improve natural lash health, LAshXⓇ is a complete professional extension and aftercare system revolutionizing the lash industry.  Patented products, along with the LAshX MethodⓇ of application, work together to result in extensions that last 6-8 weeks between fills, and healthier, longer, stronger natural eyelashes.

The LAshXⓇ products were developed to eliminate client allergies and to help achieve  healthier lashes, with the longest hold time in the industry.

The core system is simple 3 steps:

Step 1. Prep and Prime

We educate the client on how to clean their lashes with the LAshXⓇ Lash Cleanse - a gel cleanser that contains ingredients to improve natura lash health, and  primes the hair for extension application by removing oils and bacteria . Clients clean with the cleanser before application to act as a primer and will use at least 3 times a week at home to maintain soft supple  lash extensions. With regular use lash extensions last 2 weeks longer.

Step 2. Application

Patented extensions and adhesive are applied to achieve soft lashes that move with the natural hair. Adhesive dries clear so there is no thickness or buildup on delicate lashes or lash line. Stiff lashes create torque on the hair follicle causing damage, LAshX Mink Extensions and Speed Adhesive, when bonded, freely move with the natural hair preventing this pulling.

Step 3:Maintain and promote growth

Daily at home use of one of the LAshX Pro/Liners or Treatment helps natural lashes to triple in just three weeks. Clients sweep a line of serum or eyeliner across the lash line and patented peptides work in synergy to root the natural hair, stimulate keratin production and keep lashes in the anagen phase 46% longer. Natural lashes grow thicker, longer and stronger, extensions last 2 weeks longer before fills.

“I think I have an advantage when creating products because I am not only distributing a product to other professionals, I am using the product daily on myself and my clients. I am the client, stylist, salon owner, manufacturer, trainer and distributor.  So everyday is R&D for me and I then can create products to fill a need.”  - Mandy

In addition to the core system LAshX Manufactures a full range of luxury professional, back bar and aftercare products. All of our exclusive products are Oil, Glycol, Paraben, Sulfate, and Surfactant Free. We are animal cruelty free company!