What to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

What to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

There are a few things to know when getting Eyelash Extensions for the first time, here is your guide to getting great lashes the first time! 

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 Not all eyelash extensions are equal.

I explain it by comparing going to a good hair salon verses a discount chain. Both hair cuts involve scissors, but your result is most likely going to be vastly different.  There are many variables when it comes to Lash extensions so here are the questions to ask:

 Eyelash extensions - what to know

Are the Lash Artists, Licensed AND Certified?. If so by whom? How long have they been doing lashes and what is their Instagram? 

Licensing means they have passed the state board in either cosmetology or aesthetics, but does not necessarily mean they have any lash extension training at all.  Currently, few schools teach more than just a couple hours of eyelash education, if any. Certification means that the artist went through a training from a manufacturing company or another professional and there is currently no regulation about how long that training is or what is taught.  The best certifications are at least 2-3 days of training and by a reputable manufacturer that has high quality products. Where many solo artists are selling their "trainings" for profit manufacturers have more at steak for producing great service providers that will be successful and keep ordering product and building the brand reputation.  

 Lash extensions - what to look for

 Check out the Artist's work first

When looking at images of an artist's work on Instagram or Social media make sure the eyes aren't red int their pictures, a sign of high fume low quality adhesive. Inspect that the lashes look neat and orderly. Extensions aren't meant to look like a strip lash so steer clear of companies that are over-lashing the eye and can cause damage in the future. 


When you go into your first lash appointment you should be given a consultation and offered an allergy test.

Because the lashes come in different curls, volumes and lengths you should discuss your ideal look with guidance from the artist and they should offer you options.  If you do opt for volume lashes, insure that they are making the fans by hand and not using pre-made fans that can be heavy and damaging.  

 Eyelash Extension Brush

Brush your lashes to keep them tame. 

Your lash artist should educate you on proper aftercare because even if you have the best service, if you do not care for the lashes properly damage can occur. 

Avoiding oil and glycol is a must. Oil can make lashes clump and glycol can make the extensions fall off. It is very important to clean the lashes with a lash safe cleanser. This will remove bacteria and oils to help the lashes last longer.

Our LAshX Lash Cleanse adds Biotin, Panthenol and Silk extract to improve lash health. The cleanser keeps lashes soft and supple and flexible to be healthier and longer lasting.  For more information on lash extension after care check out our blog: Lash Extension Care After You Leave the Chair


I frequently get asked,

"What are the pros and cons of lash extensions" 

Pros and Cons: I mean, really there are no cons. If you go to a good place and follow the aftercare instructions natural lashes will actually get healthier and fuller because you wont be doing daily wear and tear to them with curlers or mascara.  They look great with no makeup, so you look low maintenance on the daily and in the gym.  They are amazing for brides, new moms, travelers and basically anyone who wants to wake up looking put together.

Cons could be getting a bad service or bad product and it could cause lash damage. The cost.  Good lashes aren't cheap.  


A quality full set of eye lash extensions averages 200-500 dollars, depending on the location

A quality touch-up should run 100-250 dollars, depending on location. 

 You will be compromising artist skill or product quality for much less than these prices.  

Some places price based on time or the number of actual lashes so be careful you aren't told one price but then find out the look  you want will be way more costly.

How to save money but still get great work: 

Most salons and spas reward loyal lash addicts with packages and memberships that can save you tons.  When you buy a package or membership you are guaranteeing repeat business to that establishment or artist, and in exchange you are getting a discount.  Ask about expiration dates and refunds if you are unhappy for any reason.  Also, usually businesses and artists will extend a discount for referrals, good reviews and or social media posts so it never hurts to ask.  



- Look at pictures for styles you like before your consultation this helps the artist and you have the same vision.  

- Don't plan anything crazy the first two days.  It takes 48 hours for the adhesive to fully cure. It will be dry to the touch when you leave but has a slow cure to ensure the lashes are soft and flexible and not hard and brittle. No water for 24 hours and no steam saunas or tanning beds for 48 hours. I also would think about avoiding anything that would really move them around like riding a motorcycle or bungee jumping for the first 2 days.  

- A lot of sweating, or crying make the lashes come off sooner too. The salt can dry out the lash, so if you do Birkham Yoga you should plan on coming in every 2-3 weeks instead of 4-6 between touch-ups.  

- You won't be able to wear regular mascara, even on the bottom lashes because of the oil so you will be picking up a lash-safe mascara or could tint the lower lashes. Many great lash artists can also offer, lower lash extensions! 

 Retention can effect cost

Make sure to ask about retention time. Quality lashes should hold anywhere from 4-8 weeks between fills. A fill or touch-up means half of your lashes have shed.  Our lashes are on a cycle, and naturally shed like the hair on our head every 60-90 days. 

kylie Jenner

Okay, get excited because once you see yourself with eyelash extensions, life will never be the same! - I warned you :) 

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