Lash Extension Care: After You Leave The Chair

Lash Extension Care: After You Leave The Chair

How incredible your eyelash extensions will look after leaving the salon is 90% about how you maintain them with lash extension care. To put this in perspective, imagine buying a beautiful new gown and then either wearing it every day for 6-8 weeks without taking it off or washing it or worse, throwing that gown in the washing machine with some cheap detergent.  Our lashes are on our face 24/7 and its so important that they are cleaned to rid them of bacteria, oils, and (gross) mites. Here is a quick guide to lash extension care below as well as an interview between me, LAshX CEO Mandy Jacobellis, and LA PALME Magazine on maintaining healthy lashes between extension appointments.

The how-to of lash extension care: 

No water for 24 hours. no steam for 48 hours.

Clean at least 3x per week with the LAshX Lash Cleanse, frequent use will help lashes last up to two weeks longer

Avoid getting any products on the lashes that contain oil or glycol as well as saline, or salts.  If you sweat heavily rinse with the cleanser after your workout. Same goes for crying.  Try and use eye drops that are saline free, if you are someone who needs eye drops.

Brush lashes regularly with a clean mascara wand like these. Place your finger under your lash extensions for support while brushing.

Lastly, maintain lash health and strength with one of the Proliner Serums. Apply every day to improve natural lash health and increase growth. This serum will also help maintain the extensions by two weeks longer.

Now on to the La Palme Magazine interview!


LP: Tell me about what you were finding in the beauty (lash) industry that lead you to launch LAshX?

Mandy: The birth of LAshX came as a direct response to my clients’ needs and my experiences as a lash professional. Every day is R&D for me and my team because we are working with clients on a daily basis, we get to see long and short term effects of behavior and ingredients. I was quick to see that clients needed a lash safe cleanser, to remove makeup, oil and bacteria.  There was nothing on the market before the Lash Cleanse that was 100% extension safe and certainly nothing that improved lash health or retention.  I also started to notice many of my clients, were experiencing allergic reactions to the lash products on the market. After some research I became aware of the toxic chemicals in the lash glues and adhesives and decided there had to be a safer healthier alternative. The ProLiner, lash serum was a solution for clients that wanted growth but also for their extensions to last. Many of my clients started using other lash growers on the market and their lashes were shedding or clumping. I wanted to create a product that would triple lash growth but also retain the lash extensions and be free of any side effects. I also thought it would be great to have a two in one liner and growth serum because I know personally I always wear makeup but by the end of the day am usually too tired to bother with treatments. I am in the process of creating a few new products that we are super excited about.

LP:  Why do lashes need extra care when using extensions?

Mandy: Lashes need extra care when using extensions because we want our lash extensions to last. Who has time for bi-weekly touch-ups? Plus the healthier and stronger the natural lash is the more extensions can be applied. As a professional we want our clients to be clients for life. As an extension wearer, mom and business owner the less maintenance the better!


 LP: What can we expect from using LAshX?

 Mandy: Using the LAshX products will improve natural lash and brow health in everyone, with or without extensions. All of our products are free of parabens, sulfates and surfactants as well as oil and glycol. LAshX addicts know they are using clean products, that will look great and improve their lash health.


 LP: Fact or fiction: extensions make your lashes fall out.

Mandy: This question is what drives me. The answer is both. Extensions, when applied poorly or with cheap ingredients will most likely cause lash damage. When Lash extensions are applied with proper technique and cared for properly, lash wearers actually come back with healthier fuller natural lashes each visit. When wearing properly applied extensions we tend to play with our lashes less and do less wear and tear.  People wearing the LAshX System and following directions will most certainly improve their lash health. This is one area ladies you do get what you pay for.


LP: What do you recommend for people who are allergic to lash extension glue? 

Mandy: Come to a LAshX Pro for an allergy test. Most of us are allergic to the formaldehyde or carbon, which this product does not contain. Ninety-nine percent of people who had reactions to other products have been able to start wearing lashes again with LAshX Adhesive because it is so clean. I do recommend an allergy test if you have experienced issues in the past, because it’s possible to be allergic to another ingredient in the adhesive. There is no latex, so it’s a great product for people with latex allergies. The best way to have an allergy test is to have a few extensions put on each eye and then sleep in them. Most reactions will happen within twenty-four hours.


LP: Who in the industry is your #lashgoals and how can we get them?

 Mandy: Oh, this is the hardest question. I do a look book for stylists to get the formulas for certain celebrity looks.  Some of my favorites are Audrey Hepburn, she has an ever so natural little cat eye that looks so pretty yet not over the top. I also love the sixties lash looks that are trending right now. A lot of my clients are making bottom lashes a statement. Think Twiggy or Cher. It’s such a fun look. Colors are also becoming super popular with celebs like Bella Thorne.  Kylie Jenner is also requested often. She has a doe eye shape with tons of volume lashes that are slightly separated.

 I hope this lash extension care guide is helpful in letting you achieve 24/7 beauty with less overall maintenance!


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