How To Remove Your Own Lash Extensions During Quarantine

How To Remove Your Own Lash Extensions During Quarantine

Are you stuck at home during Covid-19 and have a few straggely eyelash extension hanging on?

I have seen a lot of rumors showing to use coconut oil to remove these lashes and I wanted to put out the real way to remove them because coconut oil will cause lash damage! So if you are deserate during quarantine and need them off, here is how you can do it without ruining your natural lashes. 

For those that don't know me, my name is Mandy Jacobellis. I opened my first eyelash extension bar in 2006 and started manufacturing lash extension products that were healthier and safer in 2008. I explain this because I know how the chemicals in our lash adhesives work and am an expert in eyelash extension safety.  I want to make sure my clients and anyone reading this doesnt pull out there natural lashes in a panic. Also, if you already have yanked out your lashes, before reading this. Please purchase a LAshX ProLine Serum. It is the only growth serum to be steriod and prostaglandin free. It is safe and healthy and guarenteed to triple your lashes and brows in a healthy way! 

Normally when people ask me how to remove their own lash extensions I explain how they should NEVER take their own lashes off because in most cases people get impatient and end up ripping off their own eyelashes in the process. As this quarantine goes on, however I understand that some of us just won't be able to keep blending in those left over lashes. So here are the instructions on how to professionally remove them.

removed bad lash extensions















1. If you can use mascara, eyeliner and or fake lashes and survive this is optimal. If you just need your extensions off goto step 2.

2. Do NOT use oil of any sort to try and get your lashes off. Oils react with lash extension adhesive causing a chemical reaction that will make the adhesive swell up and get gummy, clumping with neighboring hairs and then get hard again. This can cause pain and lash damage.


3. I have created a professional removal kit that you can use at home to dissolve your adhesive. It takes patience and if you are doing your own eyes, you will have to go one at a time to prevent stinging. Your eye will have to be closed for the entire removal process. Make sure you are sitting up or standing so that no product is running back toward your eye.


You Will Need:

At Home Removal Kit

Cotton Swabs

Non-pull Towel


ProLine Lash Serum 




4. Put on gel pad right under eyes, to protect your skin and catch any excess remover. 

5. Squeeze a pea size amount of remover on a clean cotton swab. Close one eye that you will completely remove before going to the other eye.  Use a dry swab under the lash line to catch any excess remover and use the cotton swab with remover to thoroughly coat all of your lash extensions. It can take up to 3 minutes per eye to dissolve the adhesive.  Keep getting fresh cotton swabs to prevent any product from leaking by the eye because it stings very badly if the remover gets in. Repeat the process until all of the lashes have come free. 

6. Use clean cotton swabs to remove any excess product on the lashes.














7.Use a towel like the Magic Eraser or our LAshX Towels with water to clean the whole lash and eye area very well. You want to make sure all of the remover is completely gone.



8. Apply LAshX ProLine for lash growth - This is the perfect time to boot camp your brow and lash growth. Apply a thin line daily for three weeks for triple the lashes and brows. This product is free of prostaglandins and steroids. 

9. Eyeliner optional to blend any stragglers - I like to do a dark eyeliner to hide missing lash extensions. You can use our Proliner for eyeliner and lash growth all in-one or view our regular eyeliner Here 

10. Add mascara until your heart's content.  

Stay Healthy and Safe. I will be posting weekly Quarantine Beauty Tips so make sure to subscribe or check back weekly! 

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