The Lash Guide: How to Choose The Right Lashes For You

The Fake Lash Guide

Lashes change our face for the better, and are the ultimate symbol of femininity. As a makeup artist I quickly learned that lashes can take a person from 0-100 quick.  

With so many lash options out there, how do you know which is right for you?  The choices are endless and include lash conditioners, falsies, magnetic lashes, extensions, party lashes and lash lifts.  What are all these options, and which is best for you? Here we will guide you through all of the lash options, who they are best for and the pros and cons to help you decide which is the best for you!

 Gwen Steffani Strip Lashes

There are a few things to consider when deciding which lash enhancement is best for you. Here are the key questions to ask yourself before deciding on which lash is best. 


Do I want lashes for a special event like a wedding, or for daily wear?

How long do I want the look to last?

Am I good at maintenance?

Do I prefer the natural look or a glamorous one? 

What is my budget? 

 False LAshes

False lashes, also known as falsies, strip lashes 

These are pre-made lashes that come on a strip. You apply them with a latex based adhesive that lasts one night. They can be very tame for daily wear or super dramatic for a show girl effect. They take about 10 minutes to apply if you are somewhat coordinated. 

Strip Lash Removal

Pros: You can change the style daily. They are inexpensive. They are a DIY option and styles are endless. 

Cons: They can feel heavy and take a little practice to apply. Fear of the corners popping off if you get sweaty on the dance floor. Take time daily to reapply and could possibly cause damage from repeated wear if not removed carefully. They tend to look the least natural of all the options. There are lots of under lash options and color and design choices are endless. 

Check out our EyeDos Here, there are reusable and mimic faux mink lash extensions with a clear band and the same type of lash. - $11. 

Or if you prefer real mink fur, like Oprah or J.lo  you could go for THESE 

 Magnetic Lashes


Magnetic Lashes

These are new-ish and are basically strip lashes or falsies that apply by magnetically sticking to each other or a magnetic eyeliner. No adhesive or glue is used with these. These would be for daily wear. There are no under lash options

Magnetic Strip Lashes

Pros: Easier and less messy than adhesive options. No commitment and you can change styles daily

Cons: Do magnets effect our eyes? Daily maintenance. There may be less style options than traditional strip lashes. Lots of mixed reviews on these. 

You can get 12 sets of our favorite style here for $19.00

 Party Lashes

Individual lashes or what I termed as "Party Lashes"

I like to call individual lashes, or flares - Party Lashes to keep clients from confusing these and eyelash extensions. These are individual little clusters of lashes that can be somewhat customized.  They can be applied with one night or one week, latex based adhesive. Lashes come in 5 lengths and usually just black and brown color. For the best look use at least 3 sizes. You can also apply these to under lashes. I recommend paying a little more for natural hair versions. These are pretty inexpensive and can be done on oneself or done at a salon.  Salon prices usually range from $25-$75 per application.  

Viola Davis Party Lashes

Pros: Temporary, but one week options make travel and events care free. More customize-able and realistic looking.  There are secure and you wont have to worry about them falling off at an event. 

Cons: Can cause damage if not removed properly. Not as many color options as with alternatives.  Can still look a bit dramatic for some.  They are a little heavier than extensions. 

You can pick these up on amazon. HERE are some favorites. You will need to make sure to use xs, s, m and maybe long to create a natural shape. Do not try and do one length lash all the way across the eye or it will look like a broom. 

The best adhesive for 1 week staying power is the Ardell Lash Tite

 Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Single hairs, or hand made fans bonded to each natural eyelash with a surgical grade cyanoacrylate adhesive. These are completely customize-able in color, style, curl, volume. They can be applied to upper and lower lashes. Extensions usually last 3-6 weeks with proper care. These are applied by a pro and a good one will cost anywhere from $200-$500 for a full set. After the initial full set you can get touchups monthly. for $100-$300.

Eyelash Extensions

Lash Extensions application

Pros: They can look and feel completely real. They are low maintenance when travelling and on a daily basis you wake up looking fantastic. Can be as natural or dramatic as you want and no one will be able to tell they aren't yours.  

 Cons:  Quality in technique and product can vary and can be disastrous if you don't choose the right pro. They are a more expensive option. They are addicting - I have had mine on for years and years and cannot look at myself without them.

Read What To Know Before Getting Lash Extensions Here 

Read How To Care For Lash Extensions 

Read Wedding Day Lashes, What You Need To Know

 Lash Lift

Lash Lift

or Lash Perm. Is a chemical process done to the hair to curl them. The effect lasts 1-3 months depending on the brand. It is very very natural and most would still want mascara at least.  This option is great for someone who wants to look very natural or has straight lashes or lashes that point down or are messy.  It can also be used to relax lashes that are too curly. A lot of men like this option because it opens their eyes without looking like they are wearing makeup. This service usually costs $80-$150 in a salon

Lash Lift

Pros: Only takes 45 minutes and lasts up to 3 months.  Its a very very natural option. Tint can be done at the same time. 

 Cons: Its a chemical process and if done incorrectly could damage your lashes. It's not going to increase volume and may not be able to create dramatic looks. 

Read about how a lash lift is done HERE by the pros! Disclaimer - do not try and do this on yourself, please go to a professional. 


Lash Conditioners

Lash serums, lash growers, lash treatments are basically all a liquid that get applied to the hair follicles to help increase the length volume and thickness of the eyelashes. Lash conditioners are purchased for at home use by you and cost $8-$150 a month to use depending on brand. Most utilize prostaglandins or steroids for results and can cause serious side effects. We recommend our LAshX Proliner, not only because its free of these but also free of paraben, sulfates and surfactants and lash extension safe so can be used while wearing lash extensions.  

Natural lash growth

Pros: Some of these treatments work great and can be enough drama to wear alone or can be used to enhance lash extensions, or a lash lift. Most natural look. 

Cons: Cannot be designed to change your eye or face or to create different looks. Needs consistent application, every day for three weeks. 

 Read about why the LAshX Treatment is our favorite HERE

If all of this seems a bit daunting, you could always just start by using a regular heated lash curler to lift your lashes temporarily and apply a great mascara. I like a heated lash curler because it can be used before and or after mascara and there is absolutely no way you will pull your lashes or break them. Traditional lash curlers are much riskier and give more a kinked look. 

My favorite heated lash curler is the Japonesque version. Its high quality and easy to use. 




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