How To: Perfect Liquid Eyeliner

How To: Perfect Liquid Eyeliner

Everyone loves the look of a great cat eye, and nothing is more glamorous for the holiday parties than lush lashes and a thick liquid eyeliner paired with bright jewel toned lips. For those that are a little shaky when it comes to nailing the perfect eyeliner line we have broken it down to 3 easy steps. Watch our video and follow along, not only will you learn how to do perfect liquid liner every time, if using our LAshX Proliner, your natural lashes will get thicker longer and fuller with use. 
Guide: How To Properly Clean Your Eyelash Extensions

Guide: How To Properly Clean Your Eyelash Extensions


Cleaning your lash extensions properly is the key to keeping them looking great longer! So many people I speak to say they don't clean their lashes because they are afraid of ruining them, or that their lash pro just told them to use water or any oil free cleanser. 

So here is the deal. We can't use just any old products on our lash extensions. In order to keep these babies on as long as possible we need to clean them to ...

The Fake Lash Guide

The Lash Guide: How to Choose The Right Lashes For You

With so many lash options out there how do you know which is right for you?  The options are endless and include lash conditioners, falsies, magnetic lashes, extensions, party lashes and lash lifts.  What are all these options and which is best for you? Here we will guide you through all of the lash options, who they are best for and the pros and cons of each. 

 Gwen Steffani Strip Lashes

Wedding Lashes, what to know

Wedding Day Lashes - What You Need To Know

Wedding Day Lash Extensions - Are They An Eye Do?

Sorry couldn't resist. After a recent interview with The Knot Magazine, I thought I should blog in detail about what you need to know if you are going to try lash extensions for your big day! 

To be clear, I feel that lash extensions should be an essential part of everyone's pre wedding beauty prep.  

The more beauty prep is done before the day-of the less stress and more beautiful you will feel.