Heated lash curler tips

Heated Lash Curlers - A MUST - With and Without Eyelash Extensions

Do you own a heated lash curler? Unless you have a perfect curl to your lashes, a heated lash curler could be the game changer for you! 
Whether you wear lash extensions or not the heated lash curler can open your eyes and lift your face, even make lash extensions look good longer. 
What is it. A small tool that hold a AAA batter in the back. Turn it on and there is a coil inside the comb end that gets warm. Essentially that heat is used like a curling iron is used for the hair to curl or straighen eyelashes. 
I prefers the heated lash curler to other traditional lash curlers because it has no risk of pulling, crimping or breaking off lashes.  Similar to curling your hair, you can use this tool to curl straight or dropping lashes by lifting from below the lash line. You can also straighten unruly very curly lashes by slowly brusing the the top side of the lashes slowly down to relax the curl. If you do wear lash extensions its safe to use. The heated lash curler is benefitial to help lift lashes and extensions as they grow out -for example when you are traveling or when you can't get in for a fill!